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SAAS Selection

SaaS Platform Selection

WNW brings a breadth of experience working within SaaS companies as well as selecting and providing SaaS solutions to Ecommerce and other companies looking to automate their back-offices in the cloud.  Whether you are looking to implement a new ecommerce platform, integrate a range of systems, or simply find a new email marketing tool, WNW can provide an analysis, arm you with integration strategies and partners, and manage the process of making the software foundation of your business as robust and automated as possible.  Whether you want to implement or customize a CRM like Salesforce.com or if you simply want to choose between Ecommerce Marketing platforms like Mercent by CommerceHub and ChannelAdvisor, WNW can help you navigate your options, delivery analyses and introductions, and even manage projects end-to-end.  We are excited to review what you have in place and help you discover what you may need and how best to arm you with the solution(s) that make sense. Contact us today to get started.