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Placement Services

Hiring Managers

WNW Talent Acquisition Consultants are not career recruiters.  Our service is built on experience working in and with the technologists and executive  we now assist in placement.  With direct experience working alongside our candidates and in companies like yours, we are armed with real-world experience: poised to ask tough questions about cultural fits and ready with detailed pre-interview screening and technical litmus tests to ensure we’re not wasting hiring managers’ time with unqualified candidates.  We seek a deeper partnership with the select few companies for whom we provide our placement services, enabling us as an extension of your team – allowing you to focus on your important work while we network on your behalf, scour LinkedIN and place referred top-quality candidates. Contact Us today to reserve your spot as one of our select few partners. We look forward to building your team with you.

Technical and Executive Candidates

If you would like WNW to represent you or a colleague, please send us a resume and a brief description of your desired role and compensation.  We provide a unique and appealing bonus structure profit sharing model to our candidates unlike any placement firm today.  Most of our candidates receive a bonus upon successful placement after 60 days, dependent on the specifics of the arrangement. Typically, this amounts to 5-10% of our collected fee, when applicable.