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Ecommerce Consulting

Established Brands Retailers and Manufacturers…

…navigating the complex landscape of multi-channel ecommerce benefit from WNW’s expertise in developing channel strategies, international expansion, and ensuring the right tools are in place to enable a scaled approach to growth.  With short-term and long-term partnership engagements, we seek to provide the expertise and augmented strategy support that fits your business’ unique needs.  A great mentor always said, ‘Don’t paint a seagull in someone else’s picture.’ With WNW, you’ll get a thoughtful review of your business systems, practices and sales channel mix prior to being delivered an engagement proposal. We take your goals for your picture’s final composition and start from there in developing a plan to realize your vision.  With an emphasis on ensuring your back-office systems and software selections are poised to scale, we will work with you to lay the foundation for the operational growth you can expect in the ever-more-accessible international ecommerce space.  With that sure footing, executing our strategy becomes a fluid and secure process.

New Brands or startups…

…seeking to leverage an ecommerce revenue model benefit from our experience growing new brands from the ground up using low-overhead models that allow new brands to quickly re-invest for growth.  Low-risk, sub-25k up-front investments have yielded successful and growing enterprises that began as simple product ideas.  Contract manufacturing, integrated and outsourced fulfillment, and the advent of many great and inexpensive marketing tools allow anyone with drive and a small investment to build the business online that they’ve dreamed of.  WNW can provide blueprints for this success, research into the feasibility of your product idea(s), and ultimately a partnership in developing your start-up.  We range on the spectrum of engagements from advisors on one hand to invested partners in your growing business.  Contact us today to begin the conversation about your soon-to-be-born ecommerce brand or retail shop!